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  • Soothing art for a modern boy nursery

    So! I’m over half-way through my pregnancy, which naturally means I’m already dreaming and scheming plans for our boy nursery.  We don’t have a place locked down yet, that won’t happen until March/April-ish if all goes according to plan.  It is a bummer I can’t start playing with some of the nursery items we’ve started acquiring, like our crib.  It kills me that it’s sitting in its box.  I’ve got to be patient though, every day is one day closer to our next move, and every day is one step closer to baby.

    As I sit here in patience training, I’ve started collecting art options for our upcoming baby boy nursery.  I   want a calm, modern, and somewhat neutral space for our nursery.  I anticipate loads of primary colored toys and such, so I think if I create a calm and soothing base it will help counter the loudness of toys that will soon be littered around our home.

    My first option for nursery art are some subtle and interesting beach scenes.

    soothing art for a modern boy nursery | brittanyMakes


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    I’m drawn to the calmness of the clouds and the simpleness of the ocean in these photos, not to mention the colorful lounge chairs and darling umbrellas.  I always worry about decorating with beach scene art since it can go wrong very fast – think photos of seashells framed in a 90’s white washed pink wood frames.

    soothing art for a modern boy nursery | brittanyMakes


    My next idea is to spin off from the typical zoo animal nursery art.   I’m obsessed with this image from the Bangladesh zoo, and what nursery is complete without a print from The Animal Print Shop? And how about that meerkat print? Perfect for our little meerkat :)


    soothing art for a modern boy nursery | brittanyMakes

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    Another idea I’m considering is a collage of vintage/nostalgic photographs like these hot air balloons and that old school ferris wheel. What I love most about these photographs are the colors, which without the vintage filters would be somewhat loud and probably too overbearing, but the vintage filters really calm things down.

    soothing art for a modern boy nursery | brittanyMakes

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    I like how  all these options so far are soothing, interesting, playful, yet a little mature.  Art that is different and subtle, the type of art our son could grow with.


    1. I just featured the animal print shop this week too. Those prints are a must and so adorable. I actually want them for myself ;) no baby needed!

      1. i ADORE the animal print shop, my wedding photographer actually gave me the giraffe print for a baby gift – go figure! I would have bought it anyway!

    2. Thank you so much for featuring my hot air balloon photos! And I love the three options. You can’t lose whatever you choose :)

    3. Thank you for featuring my deck chairs … I have to admit for my sons nursery i went the eclectic route including some carnival swings & animal prints & vintage racing cars & well a mix from different places. & i am also a proud owner of a print from the Animal shop … it’s the ring tailed lemur … bought for my son but to be honest its for me since i have a soft spot for them & he’s a more of a giraffe/lions/elephants fan!

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