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  • Our loft living, in a nutshell

    You never quite realize how amazing your readers are until you hit a rough patch and ALL OF THEM chime in to cheer you up.  THANK YOU! Seriously, you all are so sweet and you really helped boost up my spirits this last week.

    I’m being melodramatic, for sure, but our move has been quite an adjustment.  Even though this is a short stint situation (6 months – right babe?!) it’s been hard for me trying not to worry or stress over all these changes.  I’ll get my groove back… you know, once I unpack that mountain of boxes! I’m totally one of those packers who does a poor job labeling boxes, so of course I can’t find anything right now.

    For real tho, let’s reminisce together and check out all the work we did on our loft, some fun before and afters, and a few forgotten glimpses of how we made this place our own.


    When we first moved in, our goal was to get the kitchen in order.  You wont realize how important a kitchen is until you move into a place that has only like half of one.

    kitchen before

    Sad, sad kitchen.

    kitchen after

    We added a cabinet and topped it with butcher block, then added shelves for additional storage.  This was by far the biggest improvement.


    I fell hard for this loft for one reason: natural light.  Just look at all that light!  Dark spaces really bum me out, so obviously saying goodbye to this space was super hard.


    Our living room went through a few stages, from pillow changes to wall decor changes, from framed paper to Lack shelves, but this is pretty much how it looked before we started packing.  The Lack shelves were great for this space, but I don’t think I’ll use them again – I just don’t trust them.


    The wall to the left looked like this when we moved in:


    This is the wall we situated our TV on top of our coral dresser.


    Let’s not forget about the beveled moulding “built-in” Billy bookcases we put up as a grand entrance into our living room! I thought for sure I’d have to leave these behind when we moved, but some how my brother and husband magically fit that bad boy in the elevator.  They were not too happy with me afterwards, but hey, at least we get to keep it!



    Here’s our bedroom before, we situated our humble queen sized bed under the exposed wood and galvanized metal beams.  It was a cozy nook, but in a big room.  I’ll miss this!


    I just loved all the windows in our bedroom, despite having to install custom drapery rods which we fashioned from plumbers pipe.  I never actually photographed this direction after we updated our curtains to Ikea Anita curtains, which was a significant upgrade from what we installed when we first moved in <cringe!>


    We were so focused on our wedding that we weren’t able to finish our bedroom until after our honeymoon.  Our bedroom was by far my favorite space, I LOVED sitting in bed staring up at our gallery wall.



    It’s so easy to remember all the good things about the relationship you have with your former house, loft, apartment, condo, girlfriend, boyfriend, cat, etc.   I need to be realistic and keep in mind the many negatives about living in an urban loft, some of which will shock you I’m sure!

    Here are a few crappy things about where we lived: 1) BART was literally IN our windows, I could wave to the trains as they passed, and I can’t promise you I never undressed while a train was zooming by!  2) We lived in West Oakland.  ‘Nuff said. 3) The apartment completely lacked storage, we had to block off a corner of our bedroom for all the stuff that should go in a garage – bikes, ladders, spray paint, wood scraps, etc.  This means we had one side of our room designed in style, while the other side looked like a dump.  It was definitely a challenge.  4) Although there was an abundance of natural light in the living room and 2 bedrooms, the dining nook and kitchen were void of natural light.  It was a bummer not to be able to photograph these spaces.

    I think this calls for a “home tour” page now that I’ve put all these spaces together in one post :P


    1. Such a beautiful space! You worked wonders and I can only imagine leaving it…especially all the windows and light. Of course, when you decorate the new place it’s going to be gorgeous too. Wish I had your talent!


      1. Thank you! You’re so sweet! Now I just have to hunker down and work on our new space so I have some fun new content to share :)

    2. I love the light too! It must have been hard to leave it! I agree with you on the Lack shelving, but my husband just drilled through the metal bracket directly into the stud and they are super secure! I have 7 hanging in my family room and not one of them is tilting! They are going no where!!!

    3. You did wonders with it. It’s funny that you romanticize it, though. While I have warm thoughts about our old place from a sentimental standpoint, I’m so over it from both a functional and a design perspective. Anyway, it’s been said a gazillion times before, but moving is the absolute worst. I think I was depressed for about the first 3 weeks we moved just because I felt like I was in such disarray. So, I feel ya. It’ll get better, and in no time, you’ll be making some new place completely and enviously fabulous!

      1. aw, thanks! i completely understand what you’re saying. I would totally feel different if our move hadn’t been so sudden, and if I had actually finished working on the space. Something about it being unfinished is pulling at me.

    4. Loved this post and seeing it all! Well not all LOL I would have loved to see your bedroom storage dump ;) We all have a room like that somewhere!

    5. That space was so cool to start, but you took it to a whole other level…I mean, seriously. Gooooorgeous. But, here’s the thing. Each change, as hard as it is to deal with, is going to bring along something new, exciting & fabulous. And just think about how you and your hubby will reminisce on your loft living life! I hear ya, though, moving is the worst…open a bottle of wine or something stronger and start tackling those dumb boxes. ;)

      1. it will totally be fun reminiscing over our loft living. one day our future kids will think they had super cool parents :P I definitely feel much happier about tackling new projects in our new space :)

    6. I really love your loft. The spaces were beautiful. I especially loved the TV console in your living room and your master bedroom. Gorgeous!

    7. Wow, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I didn’t know (or maybe I forgot?) that you’re a fellow Oaklander! Did your recent move take you out of Oakland?

    8. I just found your blog and love it! Your loft is so cozy. The redesign looks great! Can I ask where the “Universe/Italy” print is from? I’ve never heard truer words! Thanks :)

      xx Kelsey –

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