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  • We’ve Been Moving

    I’m so lame! I couldn’t come up with anything to post these last few days, moving really takes a toll on me.  I feel physically and emotionally drained.  Physically, because I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve accumulated in the last year, all of which had to be boxed, lifted, transported and relocated.  Emotionally, because I’m so sad to leave our loft, even if better things are on the horizon, and the fact that EVERYTHING IS IN A BOX.  What a nightmare! I can’t find anything.  Woe is me, right?

    I’ll be my normal self soon…

    moving 1-001

    Moving is the hardest when you have to undo the things you just did, take apart the things you built, and paint over your favorite walls.  But it’s all for something good, something better.  I just hope my plants survive in the mean time…

    moving 2-002

    Goodbye loft!


    1. Moving is just horrible! It is classified right up there with death and divorce. :( I moved the end of June…just a week after my 15 year old granddaughter was fatally injured in an auto accident. Just prior to that my brother had a heart attack and almost didn’t make it. It’s been 4 months and I just beginning to see a bit of sunlight in my life. Just haven’t cared, really. Sorry I’m rambling on ~ I hope that you feel stronger soon and all goes well! Just be careful…my boxes multiplied at night. LOL


    2. Definitely relate with everything you said .. hopefully we’ll be out of living in boxes next week! New place = new projects :)

    3. Same boat here – barely a peep out of me this week, I am just so overwhelmed with all that goes along with moving! Good luck to you guys!

    4. Aww I feel for you. It’s hard to leave a great chapter of your life behind. I can’t wait to follow along your next chapter and I know it will be fabulous. Don’t stress out, ok?

    5. Good luck on your move. . . it is an emotionally and physically draining challenge. The end is always worth the effort though!

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