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  • Project Home Office – The Bones

    I like to consider my girlfriend Annie my first official client.  Back in April, Annie asked me to help her re-design her patio.  She knew she wanted a bright and colorful outdoor space, something she could enjoy, rather than ignore, which is what she had been doing for the 2 years she’s lived in her home.  Annie had some ideas in mind, and I had the skills to execute.  We were a mighty pair back then, which is probably the exact reason she asked me to help her with the next neglected space in her home: the office.


    Annie’s way of living is very inspirational – she doesn’t have one speck of clutter!  I wish I knew how she does it, Maybe she has a secret storage space I don’t know about, but her home is always spotless, in the most amazing minimalist type of way.  I can’t even begin to figure out how I’d survive without 3 dog beds laying around my home.  Seriously Annie – teach me your ways!

    The image above is the office “before”.  It’s literally always that clean! And here I came with a car loaded full of Ikea goodies which I haphazardly dumped on her floor. Sorry girl.

    Before we get to the execution of the office, let’s go over our design plan.  Annie’s home is the most serene shade of bluish gray, you walk in and feel the cool and calm, and we both thought her office should reflect this exact feeling so that office work would be less overbearing.  I mean, if you have to work you might as well do it in a beautiful and inspiring space, right?


    After a few discussions with Annie regarding her office needs, I put together this design board, which we executed against almost to the T.


    First, we built the Expedits.  Annie doesn’t have an Ikea near where she lives, so I picked up all the supplies and drove them to her.  Sadly, my Ikea was fresh out of 4×4 Expedits, so we opted for 4 of the 4×2 Expedits instead.  I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful a wall of Expedits looks in real life.  And with that Dwell Studio fabric as a backdrop? Y.U.M.


    Next, we built the desk.  Well, technically the desk legs.  The desk top comes as one piece which you simply place on top of the legs.  So easy! And you know me, I can’t go on without spray painting something gold, and in this case we painted the desk legs in Montana Gold Chrome.  I’m sure you’ve spotted this Ikea hack all over Pinterest.  It’s one worth copying, that’s for sure!


    I had to convince Annie that she needed a gold metallic zebra rug.  I told her about my vision at first, I think she was hesitant, so I assured her “don’t worry, if you don’t like it, I’ll take it back!”  I think she just let me do my thing, and I *think* she loved how it turned out! If she doesn’t, she sure knows how to be a good sport :) But seriously, tell me you don’t love that rug!

    And guess what? It was a DIY.


    Yes, I did.


    A delicious DIY that might just blow your mind.  Yes, yes, many a blogger have DIY’d a metallic zebra rug, I’m no terd. But let me assure you, it’s not what you think it is. He he.


    I call this post the “bones” of the office because, in Annie fashion, she has no collection of hoarded items (like someone I know *cough me cough*) to fill her shelves.  I think I’ll have to collect them for her and force them onto her like the zebra rug.  Annie is also waiting for her desired Eames chair to arrive (or appear before her eyes for a killer deal at a flea market), so we improvised with one of her dining chairs.  Speaking of flea markets, we did hit up the Rose Bowl Flea! I hate to admit, we left empty handed (which feels like a sin), and sadly no spotting of any famous interior designers.  Well, there’s always next month!

    Sources: Expedit shelves from Ikea; wall treatment – Dwell Studio Bella Porte fabric; bench – vintage; grey dotted fabric – Premier Prints; glossy white desk top from Ikea; trestle legs from Ikea spray painted in Montana Gold Chrome; sheepskin flokati from Ikea


    1. Oh darn! I was hoping you’d find something awesome at the Rose Bowl. Nonetheless, this space looks so fabulous Britt. I can’t wait to see the rest. That friend of your is one lucky duck!

    2. “You are no terd” LOL and I love the rug so much.

      You know that I like the 4×2 Expedits a lot better because you can reuse them for other things in the future which you can’t with the 4x4s. I do it all the time in my kids rooms. Flip flop them around ;)

    3. LOVE it all. Especially that rug! Can’t wait to hear more about it. I’m also in love with that bird on the desk. Is it vintage?
      I also wanted to tell you that I shared your gallery wall on my blog today! You can check it out here:

    4. oooh love it!!! Love the wall of Expedits and the Dwell fabric. That rug is fabulous, I’m typically not into animal print, but this is SO good. Looking forward to your tutorial, I’d love it try it!!

    5. Ok…spill the beans on your awesome rug…I am sitting here trying to guess because it’s gorgeous! Love the way her office is looking and of course, you know I love those polka dots! So fun! ;)

    6. I absolutely loooove this space…each and every thing about it. And I’m so curious about the rug! You’ve had me guessing since the post on Instagram!!!! Canvas cut out?!?

      1. I KNOW! I’m so behind, I totally owe this tutorial for everyone! I have some plans that make it bigger than just a tutorial, which is why it’s taking me so long. But soon, I PROMISE!

    7. I just came across your blog on Pinterest….love it! I was trying to find your tutorial for the amazing gold zebra rug on your site. Do you by any chance have it posted? I love the color gold you used to paint it but didn’t see anywhere which gold it is. Thanks in advance!

        1. No problem! I thought maybe I missed it or something. But I will be checking back….can’t wait to see it! Love your blog :)

    8. Hi there – I love your ideas for the home office! However, it seems like the pictures won’t show up. Would it be possible for you to refresh them so they appear on this page, or I would be very grateful if you email me a few of the final look. Thanks so much – love what you did!

    9. Ha! Well, I figured out that if I click on each one, then they appear individually with the comment box. So, works for me. thanks!

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