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    The majority of shelter bloggers out there each have their own “home tour” page, a place to go to check out all the creative and beautiful rooms and spaces, which are “complete” and fully decorated showcasing each individual blogger’s personal style and touch. It is now my #1 goal to work towards my own “home tour” page.  Slowly but surely I’ll get there!

    Some of you may not know the history of this ol’ blog here.  I started this blog not actually having any home space to call my own.  My husband and I, then boyfriend at the time, lived in his bachelor pad with 2 other dudes.  You can only imagine the range of home furnishings – couch? Check.  TV’s in every room? Check.  Every gaming console known to man spread out over the entire living room? Check. The home was obviously theirs, not mine, which meant I couldn’t exactly put my personal touch on things. I felt like a hungry, caged-up tiger!


    For the first year of this blog, I spent my time working on crafts and small projects, educating myself on re-upholstery skills, increasing my comfort levels with power tools, and of course harnessing my sewing skills.  I also made a lot of jewelry, and a lot of poufs.  Then, one day, by the grace of God, my husband (again, then boyfriend!) finally said OK FINE! to us moving out into our own space.  I swear I heard the heavens sing that day!  It was a big change, we hardly had any furnishings to our name.  We literally started from scratch.  We had one bed, one dresser, a giant TV, and two dogs.  It was time to get serious! But soon after our move we got engaged, and we had to save nearly every penny for our wedding.  So, the second year of this blog was on the tightest of budgets.  We trolled Craigslist for things we needed, made do with items or decor that didn’t quite match our actual tastes, and we put the majority of our decorating urges on the back burner.


    BUT NOW I’M FREE! Well, “free”.  I’m still on a budget (aren’t we all?), but I’m free to focus all my attention on our home! I’m going to get that “home tour” page finished, if it’s the last thing I do!  The above photos are some that I plan to include in said home tour page.  I’m so excited!


    So now that I’m chipping away slowly, one room at a time, I can gladly say our bedroom is 95% finished*! Yes, yes, design is never finished, so I say this with an asterisk.  The transformation of this room all began with a simple headboard.  The second step was choosing a wall color, and I never would have expected navy walls to be so intriguing! I’ve caught myself staring up at them from my bed (dear walls, I love you), even before the gallery wall installation.

    The third step was collecting art.


    Don’t worry! I’ll devote an entire post to the process of art collecting, including what pieces I bought, which pieces I DIYed, and where and how you can get them too!  Oh, funny story, I actually snapped the above picture before I hung up the last 3 pieces, but I forgot to snap a replacement! So silly.

    I’m so very happy with how our bedroom has come together.  Luckily I live here, because if this were someone elses space, I’d move right in! Now all I need is a RUG!


    1. Absolutely gorgeous Brittany. Those moody, deep walls are perfection. The gallery wall is amazing too. I love all the details. Everything looks perfect together. Your photography is awesome too! I dont have a home tour up either. Can’t wait to see yours.

    2. Please come help me! :) I recently moved and it’s taken awhile for me to even have any interest in putting it together & decorating. (You can check my blog if you like.) My bedroom has an accent wall of Navy and I am loving it!! Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love your style and mix of elements. Can’t wait to see more!


    3. You are off to a great start with your home tour! I love the navy walls in your bedroom– I just painted our office walls in a deep, dark, delicious navy and I can’t stop going into that room to just enjoy the gorgeous colour. I love it!

      Looking forward to watching your home tour evolve (I don’t have one, either, so I applaud your goal– I can’t have one because NOTHING is finished! :) )

    4. I LOVE the black and white agains the navy… and all the art just brings it all together! And also love that you rehung your LOVE letters in the room!

    5. I’m seriously in LOVE with the wall, and the wall color!!!! It’s all amazing! I can’t wait until you share the sourcing! I totally hear you on feeling like progress in home projects is slow going! Yours all looks amazing though!!!

    6. this is so dang beautiful!!! your mixing is spot on. i can’t wait to hear more about the art and i totally know what you mean about the “home tour” tab. while some of our rooms are 95%, others have a. long. way. to. go. :)

      congrats on this space, you nailed it!

    7. It looks amazing…of course! I also love what you did with the mats for your contributor post. I’ve sort of been eschewing gallery walls in planning for our new place (mostly because I think I overdid it with 3 in my tiny condo) in favor of BIG art, but this is definitely making me give them a second thought. I think it’s because the frames and mats are so varied. Good job!

    8. Those navy walls are dreamy, and you did a great job installing the gallery wall. They can be tricky!

    9. Where is the Zebra? But I love what you put in it’s place so much! Love every piece of artwork and frame you selected!

    10. I just adore the eclectic images that make up your gallery wall! And I love your paint color. I’m in the process of picking out blues for my bedroom. I’m in need of a little moody drama in my life!

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