• a little peek

    If you follow me on Instagram {my favorite venue for social media – sorry Facebook!}, you may have seen the progress of these chairs I’m working on.  I’m also working on a complete tutorial to share with you with the exact steps I took to re-do these chairs, but before that’s finished, I wanted to tease you with a little peak of my precious.


    I can’t believe I’ve had these chairs for just about a year now. I got them off Craigslist just before we moved into our loft, with full intentions to tackle them sooner, but with all the other needs in our place they became low priority.  And of course, as it goes with most of my projects, I had a feeling it would hit me hard once the time was right to work on them.  I usually become obsessed with a project once I have a clear vision of the end product, and in a nut-shell, that’s what happened with these chairs.

    I’ll have more to share later this week on these chairs. Sit tight!


    1. The chairs are awesome! But what I really want to know is WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT GORGEOUS DRESSER BEHIND IT???!!! It’s become my new obsession and I LOVE IT! 😀

    2. oh my. did you ever leave a post about the tutorial for this?!?! I am 100% officially in love with this!!

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