• the color of the year is here!

    Yesterday Pantone revealed the color of the year for 2013 – Emerald!  I’m pretty excited about Pantone’s pick, being that Emerald and I have always gotten along well, which you may have noticed from the jewelry in my shop or one of my recent furniture projects where I made over my laptop desk in a gorgeous shade of Emerald green.

    No other color on the color wheel better represents sophistication, nature, and renewing prosperity.  Green is the color of life and growth, which is why many interior designers and decorators avidly suggest to have something living in each room, to add life and interest to a space.  I really need to work on this, seeing as I kill all my plants…

    To hit off the holidays and end this spectacular year of 2012 and Tangerine Tango, I’ve put together some gift ideas, gift wrapping ideas, and other random things in my favorite shades of Emerald.

    Wrap it: 1/2/3 Gift it: 4/5/6 Decorate it: 7/8/9/10

    Another reason I’m totally on board with Pantone’s pick is, Emerald green won’t tire as the seasons pass. There’s a shade for every season! Just picture this malachite pillow above, there’s a season in each shade, wouldn’t you agree?

    I’m excited to see new lines of fashion and home accessories embrace this luxurious jewel tone.  Get ready wallet!

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