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  • design dilemma: blank walls

    I’m generally a very decisive person.  I’m able to make decisions fairly quickly, especially when it comes to decorating our place… here’s a real-life example:  “A brown leather recliner-sofa? NO.  A slate blue plush twin-chaise sofa? Yes, yes, yes.” I do admit, the big home decisions were made together with my man, and he’s kindly left me alone to decorate the rest of the apartment… including… our GIANT blank white walls.  For some reason this responsibility has left me with a severe case of writer’s block… but for home stuff.  You know what I mean, right?

    Why is this such a big deal? Just buy some art or print a photo, frame it, or hang it as is!  For me, just throwing something up on the walls doesn’t feel right.  I feel like I’ll choose the wrong thing to hang on the wall, that the art subject will look mass produced or wont jive with the rest of the apartment.   Also, I’m cheap.  Frames are expensive, and yes there are reasonable options out there, but something is preventing me from making a decision, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Here are some images that I find most inspirational to help ease my design dilemma…

    I can’t wait to travel more now that I know how to use a legit camera.  I would love to take pictures of my travels to display as artwork, like the one above.  That photo, with its high contrast and multiple layers of texture, is absolutely stunning.


    I could DIY some art, I mean, I did spend my first year in college as an art major. I could hang some Ikea Ribba frames in a symmetrical gallery layout, like the image below.



    I could create an abstract art piece with water color paints, metallic acrylics, or melted crayons.



    I could frame some vintage maps or blue prints, or the lyrics to my favorite song.



    I could get even more creatively abstract, take a giant paint brush and go wild on 3 horizontally stacked canvases.  This would be fun, and possibly messy!



    I could take the chic & glam route and hang a gorgeous, giant mirror.  This sounds expensive already.



    I’ve always wanted a tall and ornately framed standing mirror! What a statement I could make with a mirror this size.  Wishes, wishes…



    All these images are so inspirational, and motivating! Today’s payday, so who knows what could happen to my walls over the weekend :)

    1. Brittany, I love your inspirational photos! I have the exact same…”writer’s block.” I have a huge wall in my living room just waiting for a little TLC, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Please keep us updated when you finally make your big decision! :)

      1. Hey Kristen! It’s so nice to hear someone shares my same dilemma, I’m glad I’m not alone! Hopefully we both figure out what to do with our giant walls very soon, to ease our sanity!

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