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  • Playtime with the Pups

    Hello people! Happy Monday!  We had gorgeous fall weather this weekend. It's not quite winter here yet in California, we're still getting a little warmth from the sun in the afternoon, with crisp mornings and evenings.  Sorry for all you folks drenched in rain, or covered in snow.  I probably shouldn't rub it in that I can still make out my summer tan lines. 

    All the leaves are falling from the trees in our backyard, covering our lawn in beautiful oranges, reds and golden brown fall leaves.  I wanted to capture the moment before our gardeners came over to rake and mow the lawn.  I riled up my doggies a bit, chased them around the lawn, threw some sticks and balls around to get them to start chasing each other, then snapped a few pics.  It was also the perfect opportunity to play with my camera's shutter speed, since I don't have much practice photographing fast moving objects. 




    I began this little play sesh by teasing them with one of their toys, throwing it across the yard with my left hand, and snapping their reaction with my right. 




    If you know a bully, you gotta work them up first, get them running around, chasing a toy or chasing each other.




    Rocco is a punk, he always messes with Trixie if she grabs the toy first.  He loves to hang on her cheeks, or gnaw at her feet.  Usually she just takes it, but the rare occasion she fights back, it looks something like this





    They're just playing, not as scary as it looks. 





    The best thing about bullies, is they get tired quickly, and sleep for the rest of the day! 





    Once they slow down, we bring them inside so they can rest and sun bathe.





    Then they pass out quickly from exhaustion





    I love my pups!  They are so fun and happy and full of life. Many of you may have babies, toddlers, kids, or teenagers, and I can't wait until it's my turn to have kids too, but for now my bullies are my babies.  Bullies are dependent, loyal, stubborn, energetic, lethargic, cuddly and full of personality. I wouldn't have any other breed. 



    (Left: Trixie, our English bulldog; Right: Rocco, our French bulldog)


    Excited for the holidays!


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