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  • Inspiring Christmas Trees

    My BF and I have a date night planned this weekend to pick out this year's Christmas tree.  Earlier this year, my gram gave us a stellar 9' fake tree, the giant one from Costco, which we will put up in our living room, however we both agreed we also wanted a real tree.  I think I've mentioned before, my BF is Mr. Christmas.  It's an understatement to say Christmas is his favorite holiday.  He starts listening to Christmas music in August! I love Christmas too, and cannot part ways with the annual tradition of picking out a fresh tree.  So this year we'll have our traditional tree full of the ornaments we've collected over the years, and a second tree, which I get to decorate however I please!

    What better way to plan by gathering inspirational photos of some amazing trees out there? None, there is no better way. I must gather and I must share.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    via Pinterest




    I love the metallic wrapped presents, and the brassy gold ornaments on the tree.  Very bling bling.


    via stylesncream.blogspot




    I've never had a flocked christmas tree before, I'm thinking of flocking a mini tree to see how it turns out.  If it looks anything like this one above, I'm in!

    via stylesncream.blogspot




    I like how simple and modern this set-up is, it's nothing like my house but I would be ok with having a simple tree like this guy.


    via Martha Stewart



    Peppermint stick, anyone? I love this tree! Traditionally red yet funky and crisp.  Silver, white and red – I like.


    via BHG



    WOW look at that tree topper.  Apparently I can't get enough with the gold tones.  Is the rug trimmed with gold, too?  Sigh…


    via BHG




    Ooooh, blues, silvers, and more blues.  Now I'm torn.




    I can't tell if this one here is flocked or not, maybe it's lightly dusted? Gold, grey/silver, and white – I like.  I'm also a huge fan of the presents in buckets too, great way to keep the dogs from trampling the gifts.  Oh, and I need that nail-head chair.




    Lacking ornaments? you can deck out your tree in ribbons and bells, like this one above.  Great way to re-use last year's wrapping supplies!

    So yeah, these are just a few Christmas trees I find inspiring. Ta ta for now!

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