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  • A Mini Photo Shoot

    About 3 weeks ago I became an auntie, again! My older sister had a new baby girl on 10/3, she just missed my birthday!  Of course, she's absolutely adorable.  She's teeny tiny, came out at 6 lbs 15 oz, and very, very blond. 

    I've been totally into learning how to use my new camera, my BF would say I'm slightly obsessed, but I'm determined to master the thing so I can be that person watching the sunset, yelling out the exact settings I'd use to capture the moment.  To date, I haven't graduated past aperture priority.

    My sister let me perform a mini photo shoot on her daughter. I wanted to give her some staged pictures of her new baby, and I also wanted to practice what little skills I had learned since getting the camera.  Please! Before you point and cackle at my ameture skills, I ask you keep in mind my skills are not very developed but I learn more and more each day. 



    I already look at some of these photos and know exactly what I would have done differently to get a better outcome. For example, I didn't realize until the next day how pale she appeared in this photo…




    So I warmed her up a bit in Picasa.




    It was at this point, when I warmed the photo a bit by changing the white balance, I realized the room I took the photos in was yellowed.  Gah.  Lesson learned here too – adjust the camera when in a tinted room. 




    This photo is so precious.  She looks so sweet and comfortable.  Although I love this shot, it just wasn't one of the best.  So I cropped and made the image black and white




    I like how this one turned out.  I found that changing an images saturation, or reducing it to black and white, will save the image from whatever flaw you think it might have, like pale skin or a yellow tint that just can't seem to be fixed.




    I really like this setup, this is exactly what I envisioned when I begged asked to my sister let me take some photos.  I wanted to stage her with a big papier-mâché letter A, and if the picture turned out maybe my sister would want to use it in her announcement! Wishes wishes.  First, I threw a few pillows in a big oval bucket so she wouldn't sink, then wrapped her in my favorite throw blanket my BF's parents got me for Christmas one year.  I like how this picture turned out too, apart from the fact she looks so pale against the yellow hue of the room. 




    When editing this photo above, I got to playing with the saturation and sepia effects in Picasa. 




    This last shot is my sister's favorite.  It's slightly different from the first picture I shared, in that I turned the blanket over to contrast the smooth and chocolaty brown underside against the furry and textured leopard print.  Do you like her headbands? I posted a tutorial last week on how to make them, they're so easy.

    My sister and family all love these photos.  My sister even ordered copies for everyone in the family, and her friends I'm sure.  I'm already itching to do another photo shoot to correct some of the mistakes I made during this one.  But, I am certainly happy with how these turned out!

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