• Five Things Friday

    The world of blogging is certainly a unique place. Most folks never share what’s actually going on in their lives, and instead refer to this outlet as a place of beauty, inspiration, and positivity only, which is super easy to maintain when the stuff happening behind the scenes is equally happy and positive. Finding the right attitude to post here these last couple weeks has been difficult, I hope you can forgive me. I’ve been trying to find the appropriate balance between the ups and the downs.  My husband and I are both dealing with some significant family health issues lately, and I just want to say – don’t take your health for granted and do everything in your power to live a healthy life. Also – spend more time with your parents.

    On the positive side, there’s a bunch of good press coming this way soon which I’ll definitely share with you once available. The first of which just hit newsstands last week!  I have a feature in Bohemian Home Magazine! I was interviewed for both the blog and shop on decorating and caring for vintage rugs. It’s a great feature! And I am super impressed by the magazine, this is only it’s second issue and I’ll definitely be subscribing.


    In more good news, I was interviewed on a design podcast! I’ll share more details when it’s live, but I’m so excited about this one. The discussion was SO good.

    I’ve been waiting all year for Madewell to restock these jeans! They finally have and I basically wear them 5 of 7 days a week now. The button fly, ankle fray, and vintage wash is basically the best combo ever. If you’ve been holding out on trying Madewell denim (like I was for some reason), hands down these jeans are the first pair you should buy.

    We’re headed to Disneyland next week. My husband and his family used to go every summer when he was a kid, and it’s become our annual tradition despite my resistance. He believes it’s a vacation, and while I do have fun most of the time, it’s anything but a vacation! My quick buy list for Disneyland: these shorts (mom jeans anyone?), these cute sunnies (at a price I’m not afraid to break them) this floppy straw hat, and this spf moisterizer (because I can’t stand sunscreen on my face).  I’m going for the ultimate mom look, which shouldn’t be difficult lol!

    1. Having a hob, raising kids and running a side business/blog is hard enough! Don’t limit yourself to sharing only the beautiful because life can be anything but, at times. I’ve been stunned into silence by the kindness of complete strangers when my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and treatment had to be drastic and swift. Please, feel free to open up because we’ve all dealt with difficult/unhappy/ugly/desperate and we can listen as well as read. Have fun in Disney!

      1. Thank you so much Monika, it really means a lot! You’re so right, and I’m the type that likes to talk through things as a means of getting through. xoxo

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