• Five Things Friday

    It’s Five Things Friday – the Father’s day edition! Here are 5 things about my husband, Antonio, that are worth sharing!

    monterey bay aquarium

    Antonio is 100% Italian, his father was born in Venice and came to the US in his 20’s, and his maternal grandparents immigrated to Monterey from Sicily – from one fisherman town to the next. His family speaks full Italian at home, and he understands it fluently, but as a kid they felt it was more important to speak English that they didn’t force him to speak Italian at home growing up. My favorite memory of him speaking Italian was over our honeymoon. Antonio was informing the Italian folks we encountered that he doesn’t speak [Italian] very well. It wasn’t until 3/4 through our trip that someone told him he was actually saying he doesn’t pee very well!

    Like me, Antonio is also a finance professional, and before we met he had the most boring biz casual wardrobe. Currently his favorite go-to work pants are these stretch skinny-fit khaki’s from Gap. It took a little convincing to get him in the skinny fit (why do guys like loose and baggy?), but once he realized he looks good in them he hasn’t turned back. Win!

    What husband doesn’t love weekend lounge-wear, or I suppose the trendy term is ‘athlesure’. If Antonio isn’t at work, you’ll find him wearing these shorts. They literally come in 10+ colors. Men get all the fun uniforms! Oh, and these with the liner are his go-to for workouts, I mean #nochafing

    Antonio has spent the last 4+ years getting his CPA and MBA, and now that he’s finished he’s found himself with free time to actually do fun things! I gifted Antonio a Pico Brew craft brewing appliance (basically a beer Keurig!) as his graduation gift, and definitely think it would be the best father’s day gift! There’s currently a Kickstarter running for a new model of the machine. When brewing, you can choose hundreds of brew packs by your favorite craft breweries, or even kombucha! Definitely share this with that beer lover you know!

    antonio and zano

    Once upon a time I was an aspiring hairstylist, untrained mind you. To this day I love doing hair (for fun), and even cut both my husband’s and son’s hair. I keep it simple, they basically have the same hairstyle lol. To keep the volume up and hair in place, my husband actually LOVES the Kristen Ess for Target line (go figure), specifically the Signature Finishing Spray. It’s matte and non flaky and keeps that hair high! My personal favorites are the working texture spray and the thickening spray.

    I enjoyed this post! Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there!!!

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