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    Modern California Backyard Patio Reveal | brittanyMakes

    I was reminiscing on our backyard makeover we completed A YEAR AGO! Jeez, time flies! Take a trip down memory lane, starting here, to get the full story, and here to see the reveal.

    Modern California Backyard Patio Reveal | brittanyMakes

    An old friend of mine co-runs an incredibly successful flower studio in San Fran, Studio Mondine. She and her biz partner were just published in the beautiful new book In Full Flower, which is a breathtaking compilation of contemporary flower designers and their work.

    I’m still not convinced my body can wear Levi’s, but I ordered my first pair (ever) yesterday. Here’s to hoping they’re as form fitting & flattering as everyone says they are!

    I signed up for a half marathon, the Big Sur Half to be exact (I think they renamed it to the Monterey Bay Half). It’ll be my first race since having kids, which was 4 years ago! Apparently the theme of the day is: time flies! Anyway, I’m training in these Sauconys, they’re SO comfortable! I actually bought them full price at Dick’s Sporting Goods but they’re half off at Nordstrom Rack right now!

    The most refreshing blog post I’ve read in a long time. “I’ve consciously decided to play the “long game” when it comes to my blog and my business” … “I’m settling for slower growth, and doing it my way.” I seriously couldn’t have said this better. Ashley, you’re speaking my language!

    Hope to see some of you at the flea this weekend!

    1. After reading this post, I feel much the same way towards you as you do towards Ashley – “Are you inside my brain?” Literally every point relates to my current situation in life in some way. I’m especially obsessing over your backyard makeover – we’re in the process of having a deck, pergola and front porch added to our tiny 1930 bungalow and I’ve been researching ideas on styling it all once it’s finished. Definitely borrowing a few from your reveal!

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