• A Housewarming Patio Makeover with The Home Depot

    It’s that time of year! It’s The Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge season and I’m thrilled to be participating again this year!

    My brother and sister-in-law just purchased their first home together, which couldn’t have come at a better time for this sponsored opportunity.  My brother loves to BBQ, and you can catch us at his house once a week for family dinners enjoying his cooking and just relaxing together. Since the big move to his new house, he hasn’t had an opportunity to focus on the back yard, which basically meant I could put my ‘Patio Style Challenge makeover cape’ on and give him and my SIL a patio to be proud of! The perfect housewarming gift if you ask me 🙂

    Below are the before photos of their patio, which I stole from the MLS listing because I actually forgot to take my own. #oops

    backyard before

    Check out the full makeover and tour over at The Home Depot Blog!


    1. i’d say that your brother & SIL are lucky to have you around! i like that this makeover is a little for a lot if you know what i mean. you did a great job showing how just a few key pieces can change the entire look of an area.

      i’m with you on the red. growing up, my parents were really into the brass, maroon & hunter green theme & i’ve never been able to decorate with those colors since. it was so overwhelming in the house. i feel like red is a color that screams in your face but for some reason, when it’s outside, it’s usually okay.

      side note: i’m jealous of their grass! our lawn is more like mud these days.

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