• Five Things Friday


    Last weekend we worked on a special project that I’m excited to report will be shared Monday!

    I wanted to point special attention to one of my favorite bloggers who just became a mom! >>> cue tears!<<< Kelly and Jeff’s journey towards parenthood has been extremely difficult, and to see them become parents this week literally brought tears to my eyes – like more than once – and I don’t even know them personally! I’ve read Kelly’s blog since her beginning and admire her determination and perseverance in everything she does. No one can tell you how it feels to become a parent, it’s special beyond words and explanation, and I get ridiculously weepy watching folks become parents. Congrats Kelly & Jeff, Arlo is so lucky to have you two as parents. /// sobs! ///

    Speaking of Kelly, hats off to to her for sharing a few secrets on running her business! Bookmarking this for sure.

    The new Jassa collection at IKEA! Obsessed with this sofa and this basket

    After such a hectic week, I’m in need of a little retail therapy this weekend. Have you seen the new Threshold collection at target? I neeeeed this hanging planter, two of these side tables, this fringe pillow, and this freakin’ chair is killing me!

    Have a fab weekend friends!

    1. Brittany,
      Love to follow you and your adventures, always inspiring! I know you’ve mentioned it before, but where did you find your drool-worthy shoes…so great!

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