• Five Things Friday

    Vintage Hemp Indigo Pillow | the Vintage Rug shop

    They say when running a business you reach a point you just can’t possibly do everything yourself anymore. I’m well aware I am my own bottleneck with keeping the shop stocked full of inventory, especially pillows. I am officially hiring someone to sew our pillows! What’s the technical title for this? Seamstress? Production Assistant? Anyway, I’m beyond excited!

    Speaking of the shop – in case you missed it, all rugs are 20% off! Our sales are rare so if you’ve been looking for a vintage rug for your home, check out the shop! My favorites are Ines or Roden for the bedroom, Willow or Andi for the bathroom, or if you’re looking for a larger runner Audrina is sooo pretty!!! Use code SPRING20 at checkout, sale ends Sunday.


    Tell me I’m not the only one who perpetually hunts for the perfect ‘uniform’. I basically have four ‘uniforms’, one for work, one for exercise, one for sleep, and a weekend uniform. These jeans have officially become my weekend uniform jeans, I’ve literally worn them all weekend every weekend for the past 3 weeks. They are SO comfortable. These are basically the same jeans without the ripped knees and I’m seriously considering adding them to my work uniform.

    Does daylight savings affect you?  I like that it’s lighter later now, but for some reason I swear it’s messing up my kids’ sleep! Both of my kids have been terrible sleepers this week, waking up multiple times, waking up too early, etc etc. Any of you with kids, does this happen to you too after the time change?

    I’m installing a surprise(ish) secret(ish) project this weekend. Be sure to catch my IG stories for some behind the scenes action! Just pray it doesn’t rain on me…

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I sooo get the issue with trying to keep up. I can, and love to sew, it’s my meditation. The marketing thing is the hard part for me. Hit me up through email and I can get you some samples of my pillows and maybe we can make this work for both of us lady bosses 😉

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