• Mara’s moody floral nursery reveal

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    Well, now that I’m back to my 9-5 gig and missing my babies like crazy, I thought it would be fitting to share Mara’s nursery! Well, her side of the room, that is. In case it’s been too long, my son’s side of the room looks like this.

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    This room all started with world’s most stunning wallpaper by Ellie Cashman. Let’s all take a moment to recognize how painfully beautiful this wallpaper is…

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    It may sound silly, but in person this wallpaper is absolutely breathtaking. The wallpaper & installation was quite possibly the most expensive decor investment I’ve made to date, and let me assure you, I don’t regret one penny.

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    To make this room comfortable for both of my kids, we had to make a few adjustments to the furniture we were using. First, we had to downsize the dresser (from the vintage campaign dresser we previously had to this one similar to the West Elm Mid Century dresser) in order to fit the rocker in the corner. I couldn’t bare to part with the campaign dresser, so we are currently using it as a console table/storage solution behind our sectional.

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    I wanted to give Mara something special to mark her arrival. I’ve adored the handmade animal friends from Walnut Animal Society for quite some time, and when Lauren posted she was only going to sell a small batch of animals this past holiday season, I jumped on this rare opportunity. I don’t know if Lauren is planning to sell these in the future, but if you love them and want some for yourself, definitely try to contact her. These animal friends need to populate our planet!

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    Moody navy floral girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    I loved how this nursery space turned out, and can’t wait to see our little Mara bear grow up in this room!

    Sources: wallpaper | crib | brass mobile | animal girlfriends | dresser | copper basket (to hold all those diapers!) | rocker | Franco Albini ottoman (vintage, similar here) | rug | Orb chandelier

      1. Thank you! The blanket is from Target, it’s one of Nate Berkus’s items, I believe a couple seasons ago though..

    1. That wallpaper is gorgeous. I never would have thought of black walls in a nursery, but it’s stunning!!! What is that big white flower thing on the wall? It’s perfect with that wallpaper.


    2. This wall paper is breathtaking. Feminine, without screaming “it’s a girl” which makes it a great pick for your joint room. I also love the 3D flower you put near the crib it accentuates the wallpaper. Thanks for sharing

    3. Hi, I was wondering if I could ask the color of the wall next to the wallpaper…your nursery side is gorgeous

      Thank you,

    4. Hi! I love the nursery. It is beautiful. I am thinking in buying the same chair/rocker. Do you still like it? Is it comfortable?

      Thanks a lot!

      1. Hey Ana! Thanks! And yes, actually i’m really impressed with this rocker, it’s really comfortable and has a high back to support my head as i’m nursing in the middle of the night lol.

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