• The Perfect Mattress for a Big Boy Bed


    I’ve talked a lot lately about Zano’s big boy bed, and allll the co-ed change we’re making to the room. One of the most important decisions in transitioning Zano to a big boy bed was selecting a mattress, and honestly, I was kind of dreading it.

    I’ve always considered shopping for a mattress to be as grueling of a process as buying a car – it takes forever, you have to deal with sales reps and discounts and their sales pitches for financing etc etc, and I didn’t have the time or energy to put into buying a mattress for a twin bed.  The other part of me wanted to make sure we bought a quality mattress that would hold up over the years as Zano grows, but one that wasn’t overly expensive, I mean – it is just a twin mattress!

    I decided we should try a direct-to-consumer mattress, something I could order online and would ship to our door and skip the hassle of going to a mattress store. I have to admit, I’ve been so intrigued by the newfound mattress-in-a-box, and thought what perfect opportunity to try out this mattress than on Zano’s bed? There are so many options out there under this type of mattress, so I shopped around and concluded after reading a plethora of reviews (and blog posts), the Leesa mattress was the one.

    Leesa mattress for twin bed

    Back in June, I ordered the mattress in under 5 minutes (ha!) and it arrived at our door not but a week later. We unwrapped it on 4th of July (if you couldn’t tell by my husband’s getup).

    Leesa mattress for twin bed

    Leesa mattress for twin bed

    I was totally looking forward to unwrapping the mattress and watching it inflate, but it was even more fun getting Zano involved in it! This was before he transitioned out of his crib, and we wanted to get him as excited about his new bed as possible.

    Leesa mattress for twin bed

    Leesa mattress for twin bed

    We let him help unwrap the mattress, all the while telling him how cool his new bed is! He was pretty excited about it, I made a gif to prove it 🙂


    Being a product review, I really wanted to give us some time living with this mattress before I shared our experience and opinion on the blog. We haven’t experienced a mattress in a box before, but my husband and I did buy a brand new mattress (from a mattress store) 2 years ago for our bed, and this process was a thousand times less painful. My husband and I both prefer a firmer mattress and wanted something with strength and support for our kid. We were initially worried a mattress in a box wouldn’t be able to provide the same firmness as your usual mattress, but let me tell you, the Leesa is perfectly firm and supportive! Like, it’s actually hard to believe how comfortable this mattress is. Zano has slept on it since July, and my husband and I both, without fail, fall asleep on it every night whenever it’s our turn to put our son down to bed.

    We highly recommend this mattress, and will definitely buy it again once unborn kiddo #2 is old enough for a big-girl bed.  Some fun facts about the Leesa mattress: Since Leesa only sells their mattress online, they offer a full money back guarantee, even after sleeping on it for 100 nights! And, their mattress is made in America 🙂 I really do feel the founders behind Leesa wanted to produce a product that satisfies the sleep for most people.

    So tell me, would you try a mattress-in-a-box?

    1. I’ve been considering one for quite some time. Both our king mattress and our 19-year-old son’s queen mattress are long overdue for a refresh. Just have to convince the hubby. We tried a customizable foam mattress by mail about 13 years ago. Hubby loved it but I could never get my side quite right. We ended up with a traditional mattress that neither of us really like. It’s time!

    2. Hi Brittany,

      I’m new to your blog but am loving the content so far! I have an observation I hope is received kindly. Your site seems difficult to navigate to old or previous entries. I could be missing something but I click on an entry to read and there is no “previous” or “next” button to advance to the adjacent entries. I click the back button and it goes back to the blog home page, showing just the 3 latest entries where I then have to click “load more” 6 times to get to where I just was. I don’t know if this is an easy fix or an issue for others but wanted to share. Keep up the great work!

      1. thank you for your feedback! I also found out today we don’t have a search bar :/ I’ll be working to get some of these features updated, and appreciate hearing feedback like yours directly from someone trying to check out old content.

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