• The juggle.

    bathroom progress // brittanyMakes

    We’ve been juggling multiple projects ’round the house these last few weeks (months?). I’m starting to loose track of time. Don’t be fooled, these aren’t small projects either! Our flooring is finished, I just need to find a spare hour or so to actually photograph everything! The battle of the dust is real, and I just can’t manage to keep a surface clean for longer than a couple hours. Soon! Soon I’ll share our floors, and hopefully a few other spaces too. Everything looks SO good, I’m so glad we didn’t wait any longer to start on these upgrades.

    We started tackling the back yard last week. Our yard is a desert, no tree or bush to be seen, just a vast space covered in dirt. I was chatting with our neighbors over the weekend, I’m sure they were just curious about all the jack hammering going on, but come to find out the folks who rented the house from the previous owners tore their dirt bikes all around the back yard. Weird. I think our neighborhood is pleased that a young family moved in, although our other neighbor grumbles in our direction, she must still be a little bitter.

    Our bathroom is being grouted today! It was a tough decision between black and white grout. There are strong opinions for, and against both options. You’ll just have to see what we went with once it’s all complete.

    Hope you’re week is going well!



    1. I love the herringbone 🙂 I vote dark grout but it’s not my house. LOL. Hang in there. The struggle is real! We ripped out our shower tile and walls last weekend and then D had to fly out to Cali on business all week. I had to plastic over all of it just to shower. It feels like a scene from Dexter. Just not right! Have a fab weekend, can’t wait to see more of the progress! xo

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