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    I kind of mentioned, and sorta forgot to elaborate, on the state of our bathroom. There was a time I was bent on remodeling our bathroom and the mister was like NO. Literally, it wasn’t but a week later we started planning the flooring reno and our contractor made some quick comment to my husband about it being easier and cheaper if we did our bathroom at the same time. And what do you know! We’re now renovating the bathroom!

    Our wood flooring was en route and we wanted to get our contractor going so we had him demo the bathroom first thing. Well… it’s been 4 weeks (or more?) and we’re just now moving forward with the bathroom! Luckily we have a full bath in the garage (weird right? I don’t get it either), but I’d love to not have to walk outside to our bathroom in order to get ready or pee or whatever.

    Here is the before:



    Thankfully the previous owners knew white is right and painted the cabinets and walls white. I don’t know what paint they chose, but they chose poorly because soon after we moved in the paint started peeling off sections of the cabinet. Anyway, I felt FINE about this bathroom before, but once the possibility of remodel entered my (husband’s) brain it was impossible to look back.

    SO! Here’s what we’ve done so far:

    Bathroom Reno | brittanyMakes


    Bathroom Reno | brittanyMakes


    How about that vanity lighting? Sexyyyy.

    We’ve demoed pretty much everything. Cabinet gone. Medicine cabinet gone (sorry babe!). Back and right walls removed and replaced. We had to move and/or replace a bunch of plumbing for the vanity faucets and the shower head and bath spout.

    Bathroom Reno | brittanyMakes

    Bathroom Reno | brittanyMakes


    Our new tub has been installed, which was a feat all in of itself. See how snug that tub is in this room? There was zero wiggle room and our contractor had to work some real magic to get it in there.  The red paint is done for waterproofing I guess? It looks like a scene straight from Dexter.

    I’ve been working on perfecting the design of this bathroom since the day our reno started, all elements are finally falling into place, I’m anxious for tiling to get started! I’ll share the design board with you next!


    1. Haha yes it looks like a scene from Dexter. Loved that show. Can’t wait to see your design choices. I was so ambitious at the beginning of the year to redo one or both of our bathrooms but then life got in the way and now it’s just another budget overhaul. But I’d rather see my family in Germany. That’s the reality 🙁

    2. Can’t wait to see what it will look like! Hope you’ll get to enjoy the result soon! Since my bathroom renovation, it has been my favorite room in the house, and I’m so happy with it every day! x

    3. Oh fun!!! It’s the year that all my blog buds are doing bathroom remodels! Love it! I am seeing black hex or black penny tile in this bathroom’s future…xo

    4. Girl I hope you hugged the contractor!!! Our bathroom is literally a big white box, too and its driving me crazy. I love that you have a window in yours. I really really wish we did. Ive thought of adding a skylight to let in some natural light. I cant wait to see all your gorgeous choices in this space.

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