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    Ever since we sold our coral Craigslist dresser I’ve been secretly on the hunt for a replacement.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    Of course, a campaign dresser has always been on my wish-list, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I would find one I could afford.  One random day I was searching Craigslist for what, I can’t even remember, and ended up performing my routine searches: “wood dresser” and “old dresser”, lo and behold a 6′ campaign dresser appeared in my search results, for basically free!  I got my man’s permission and we ended up picking it up a day later.  You wouldn’t believe it, but this giant 6′ dresser completely fit in my Kia Soul! I don’t care what they say about my hamster car, this thing can carry a load.

    campaign dresser makeover

    Go ahead and laugh at me now, but I forgot to take a proper ‘before’ photo. #DIYerfail.

    I knew I wanted to paint the dresser glossy white, but was hesitant to use a paint brush with a high gloss paint.  I’ve wanted to purchase the Critter spray gun ever since I read Jenny’s post, and had it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for quite some time.  It was shortly after when reached out to me and made my spray gun dreams come true with their coupon codes!

    Critter spray gun

    I got working on the dresser right away.  The first thing I did was remove the stupid stump feet that someone had put on it.  Then I removed all the hardware.  Boy there was a lot of hardware!

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    I crafted a simple rectangle base out of 2″ x 4″s and wood screws.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    Then attached the base to the dresser with L brackets.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    The dresser had a few dings, spots with chipped and damaged veneer.  I patched these areas with wood filler and sanded smooth once dry.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    Once the dresser was all prepped, I finally got to spraying! I didn’t take a picture of the Critter gun in action, but I will agree that this is the best and easiest to use paint sprayer ever.  I was able to get that factory finish with just a couple coats of paint.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes


    While the paint was curing, I spent a couple hours polishing the hardware, which was a pain in the rear but completely worth it.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    I love how the base turned out! Those stub feet completely clashed with the look and feel of the dresser. Plus, I added about 2 more inches in dresser height.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes


    Let’s bring this post around full circle and point out my Spring trend: white & gold! My home sings Spring with a glossy coat of white paint, a gallery wall of gold mirrors and frames, all married with bright artwork and photographs of our travels.  I know my Spring trend isn’t all ‘radiant orchid’ or anything, but it’s classic and represents me.

    campaign dresser makeover | brittanyMakes

    I still can’t believe I scored this dresser.  Thanks to I was able to complete this dresser makeover in no time! I probably would have taken at least a couple more months before pulling the trigger and buying myself a paint sprayer.  I’ll probably spray paint everything from now on, and avoid using a brush as much as possible.  That smooth factory finish is like crack 😛

    So what about the giveaway? Well, teamed up with not only myself, but 14 other stellar bloggers and we’re all joining in on the giveaway! One lucky reader will win their choice of a $150 Target or West Elm gift card.  Say what?! Until now I had no idea offered coupons to my favorite home decor sites.  Just follow the Rafflecopter tool below and enter for your chance to win!

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    1. Love the new dresser! I’ve always wanted one of those but have yet to find it in my area 🙂 So great Brittany! xo Kristin

    2. Oh its just amazing. Craigslist finds are. the. best. … especially when they dont know what they have or dont care!

    3. I LOVED your coral dresser, but this is just as beautiful! I’m also a big fan of white and gold, very classy and easy to add pops for color to. Great job!

    4. Brittany, your space is stunning! What a great find that dresser was, and you made it so beautiful. I’m intrigued by this spray gun. I have a lot of painting in my future and that would be a great tool!

    5. I love the Kia Soul. Everytime we see the commercial my kids and I burst out into song and dance…”I live for the Applause, Applause, Applause…” But wait that’s not what this post is about now is it! GREAT find girl. Its absolutely beautiful and so very very Brittany:)

    6. I am totally with you on the sprayer – when I first got one last spring I swear I sprayed just about everything in sight. Addictive. The dresser came out amazing and excellent call polishing up that hardware. One of my biggest regrets is from about 10 years ago now…you are going to die…my husband had a full campaign set – dresser, nightstands, mirror, that weighed a TON and was in need of some love…and I left it all sitting on the curb for free when we left our last apartment. Sure as hell wish I had known what “campaign” was then! Took a few years to realize my colossal mistake. So sad.

    7. Stunning! I’ve been on the hunt for a campaign style dresser too, but no luck yet! I’ve been wanting to try that sprayer too ever since I read Jenny’s post. Glad to know it works well, I may just have to pull the trigger on it too!

    8. Fantastic makeover! And the hardware was definitely worth all the hard work!
      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

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