• My first headboard (one step closer to becoming a grownup!)

    Hello and happy Monday! I had a full weekend of cleaning, organizing, handing things over to Goodwill, and getting our loft back in order.  I swear our place got messier while we were away!  I’m thinking of putting a few things up for sale in the shop (like this chair, this mirror, these drapes, and more!) just in case you’re interested.  I’m trying to post things that are shippable.

    This headboard came into my life very unexpectedly.  I wasn’t loooooking to begin a bedroom makeover before my wedding, as I should have been 100% focused on wedding projects, but seeing as how it fits so perfectly in my house I couldn’t resist giving my bedroom a bit of design love and affection.


    There were two really great things great about this piece: one – it has a very classic shape that will always look good even if I have to reupholster it when trends change; two –  its price tag. It was only $15!

    Once I had it in my hands I started obsessing over what fabric to reupholster it in, velvet? linen? tufted? At first I was going to go with a velvet number, but then I took a trip to Britex with my Aunt to pick up some bridal veil accessories, and found this heartbreaking linen and velvet trellis fabric.  I needed it very badly.



    There are so many headboard tutorials out there, so I’m not going to bore you with the details and just give you the high level steps of this headboard transformation:

    ONE remove the old fabric using pliers and your biceps, and maybe your foot, sometimes those staples are so stubborn! TWO tape off where the batting and wood meet, so you don’t spray paint the batting and make it a crusty mess  THREE spray paint the wood, first with primer, then with the color of your choice (I chose THIS gold, the world’s best gold spray paint) FOUR using the old fabric as a template, cut out the new fabric, and staple it in place FIVE your choice if you want to add double welted cord, and Kate’s tutorial is the one I refer to most SIX glue the cord around the edges of the fabric to give it a finished look SEVEN attach the headboard as desired!



    Here’s a peek at our bedroom (it’s incomplete, don’t judge it just yet!).  Lots of changes happening in this space right now! But boy do I have a crush on that zebra.



    It’s a slow progression, but I am becoming more of a grown-up every single day! You would have thought my first real bed (like, not a box spring + metal frame combo) would have been BEFORE marriage.  But nay, not how we do things ’round here.


    1. I love that fabric, totally understand why you *needed* it. It came out beautifully…and for $15?! Hell yes. Hope you’re adjusting back to reality okay after your dreamy trip 🙂

    2. This is SO good! I hope I can find a similar frame for my next headboard. The trellis fabric, gold frame and welting work so well together!

    3. Oh boy, it’s so freakin gorgeous that it makes me want to cry, LOL! Love it and the italy poster is so cool too. You put the fun into growing up 😉

    4. What a fantastic find, made a million times better with your gorgeous graphic fabric and GOLD! Great job, Brittany!

    5. Love the headboard and how your bedroom is coming along! That zebra is amazing! And love the black and white poster 🙂

    6. It looks beautiful! I might have to make one of these bad boys myself here soon. Our bedroom will now be in the attic, and I think a custom height is in order.

    7. This is fab! I love the fabric, it makes me say ooh la la! We must be on the same page, I have been looking at zebra photography for a month trying to decide if I want to splurge on it! This room is looking great!!! xo Kristin

    8. This looks gorgeous!!! I love how the pattern compliments the zebra print. Loving how your bedroom is coming together!

    9. I LOVE this room! And thanks so much for the gold spray paint suggestion! Can you tell me what color primer you used underneath the gold paint (white, gray or brown)? Thanks!!

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