• Rust-oleum’s NeverWet Product Review {and a video!}

    Blog-land is raging with excitement right now! Rust-oleum has partnered with NeverWet and just busted out the most amazing product of the century!  I was thrilled when I was asked to review this product, I’ve been following its progress for a while and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Now, I’m going to warn you, this product is going to blow your mind.  You can pretty much spray this stuff on ANYTHING, which is both the beauty and challenge of being asked to review a product.  Coming up with something  unique can be a bit tricky.  Many peeps are spraying this stuff over their outdoor pillows, which is genius! In theory, you’ll never have to bring them back inside again during a storm! Or how about your outdoor rugs? Say adios to mildew! Oh the possibilities! This gets me so riled up and excited, I need to calm down.

    As you know from my Home Depot Patio Challenge, I actually don’t have my own outdoor space – we live in a loft, and I borrowed my brother’s patio for the Patio Challenge.  Outdoor rugs or pillows weren’t an option for me to review Rust-oleum’s NeverWet.  I started thinking, what is something I use every day, that is exposed to water and moisture…. hmmm…. thinking…. thinking… and bam!


    You heard me right! No more nasty plastic liner! Seriously, I buy a new plastic liner every other month it seems since they get so nasty.


    See, NASTY. (And please kill me now.  I can’t believe I just showed you a pic of our bathtub.  We’re renters, don’t judge!)

    Now, at first I thought one box of NeverWet would be sufficient to cover the entire shower curtain.  After spraying the shower curtain with one full NeverWet set (it comes with two cans, a base coat and a top coat), I spot tested with some water, some areas were still soaking up the water, so I applied the second box of NeverWet.  Lesson learned in this case, my shower curtain ate up 3 boxes of NeverWet! It didn’t literally eat it up, but it took all 3 boxes because I was working with a large test subject.  I can imagine one box of NeverWet would cover a few outdoor pillows no problem.

    For all you skeptics out there, I made a video to show you the magic that is NeverWet:

    Did you see the beads of water just bouncing off the shower curtain?!  Here’s a close up of the water “beads”, I took this picture with the shower curtain laying on the floor, after I had treated it with NeverWet.



    The take-away here is, use NeverWet on a small project.  There’s no sense in using 3 cans on a shower curtain, although this does show you just how powerful and life changing this product is!  Another thing to note, NeverWet leaves behind a subtle milky haze.  Now, I sprayed NeverWet to the back side of our shower curtain, so I didn’t have to worry about the appearance of the fabric being altered.  But in all honesty, I didn’t notice much of that milky haze the box warns.  I think you’ll see that in darker objects, like black or brown or gray.

    Phew! This post was wordy.  Thanks for reading and I hope you all get to try it out soon! NeverWet is available NOW, so you can run over to your Home Depot and order some for yourself.

    *** I was asked to review this product and received a sample for this review.  All opinions are my own (obviously!), and I really do recommend this product!


    1. I am so excited about this product. I just bought some fabric for outdoor pillows that isn’t necessarily “outdoor fabric”. Perfect timing!

    2. I heard the product doesn’t last long, and wears off quickly. Did you also test for this in your product review?

    3. Guys seriousley? How much are you being paid to provide a positive review of this product. I think that they really swung and missed on the delivery. Yes it works, albeit temporarily, but it leaves an ugly residue. Send me an email and ill send you pics after following the directions to a tee.

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