• Shadow box turned jewelry display

    Friends! Followers! Blog lovers! First off, I want to say sorry for being a bit quiet these last couple weeks. There’s so much going on behind the scenes, mainly personal stuff (like wedding planning, 32 days ACK!) that I’ve had to re-prioritize.  I SOOO look forward to getting back to normal, if there is such a thing.  I have some fun stuff to share, but mainly it comes down to editing the content and writing the post – do you ever feel like that’s the hardest part? Well anyway, I’m in the calm before the storm so the plan is to get back on track these next two weeks before things get crazy serious.

    OK OK, now to the fun stuff! I went to pick up something quick at Michael’s yesterday and saw this GORGEOUS gold shadow box on sale, 40% off, for $25! I love it as a shadow box, it’s modern yet sophisticated, very West Elm meets BHLDN.



    It’s so silly to call this a DIY, since all I did was lay the shadow box on its back, open ‘er up, and throw my jewelry inside.  I seriously can’t believe how pretty this shadow box is! And for $25! I seriously might go get another.




    Regardless if you use it as its intended purpose, a shadow box, or as a jewelry display like I did, it’s perfect for your most delicate pieces of jewelry.  I put all my bridal jewelry inside.  I’m actually undecided on which pieces I’m going to wear while walking down the aisle.  I feel like it’ll be a last minute day of decision.  Do any of you make decisions like this too?




    The I bought the bridal sash is from Curio Road, the gold chain pieces are from Forever21, and the crystal bib necklace is a J.Crew piece (currently on sale!).  The tear drop earrings are Kenneth Jay which I bought off MyHabit.

    What sort of things would you display in this beautiful shadow box?? I’d love to know!


    1. I am currently compiling ideas for displaying my late Grandmother’s antique costume jewelry in shadow boxes for each of her 5 Great-granddaughter’s as sentimental Christmas gifts.

    2. I like displaying my jewelry too and I think this is a great idea. Like you, I am yet to decide on what to accesorize my bridal gown with but I’m pretty sure I’m heading to the store to hopefully score a pretty frame such as this one!

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