• A fresh start is: White bedding

    There are probably a million things I should tell you about me, but for the sake of this post I’m going to reference only two!

    First – I’m THE WORST at keeping my room clean and putting away my clothes on the daily.  I usually pile my week’s worth of wardrobe on one of the many chairs I have in my bedroom, until the weekend, where I feel obligated to clean since I have a day off of work.  Second – I can’t seem to keep the same bedding for more than a year.  It’s been a year since we moved into our loft, and I at that time I bought a set of soft linen bedding from Crate & Barrel at a price I thought was decent.  That is until Ikea came out with their linen bedding, which made me hate myself for not being just a tad more patient.

    white bedroom 7-001


     I had a bunch of my girlfriends in town last weekend, and the preparation for their arrival forced me to took a good look at my bedroom.  In the most PG way possible, I said to myself “this mess needs to change!” So, instead of deep cleaning, I did a much needed re-org of my bedroom and made a to-do list of all the changes I wanted to make.   I wanted my bedroom to feel fresh, open and clean (even if it’s not entirely clean! Ha! Good luck with that, right?)

    Well, there’s nothing better than white bedding for a fresh start!

    white bedroom 2


     Could I go all white, like this gorgeous room above? Knowing me this would probably start a war with my man and dogs.

    white bedroom 9


     I could go almost all white.. just add a hint of color like this yellow stool and striped rug

    white bedroom 11


     white bedroom 6


     Or a bold contrast with white bedding and glossy black doors.  Love this look!

    white bedroom 5


     Keep things au-natural with original woods, brown colors and textures

    white bedroom 8


    Go classy with a bit of black & white.  I actually registered for bedding similar to this… crossing my fingers I get it!


    white bedroom 10


     Hopefully my ideas work out, and that I’ll have something to share with you soon! It’s all in the spirit of a fresh start.

    Stay tuned for tomorrow’s faves!


    1. I’m all for the white or off-white bedding because bleach is my best friend 😉 it’s so much easier to clean than anything else and I know what I’m talking about with kids, husband and cats 😉 Can’t wait to see what you have in store, because I love everything I saw up there!

    2. You should see the chair in have in the corner of my room: #atrocious. I’m the exact same way about piling up the clothes. Drives my wife BANANAS! I really like white bedding. Reminds me of a hotel. To me it’s so simple but it screams instant luxury. Can’t wait to see what do you in the space.

    3. LOVE white bedding…but I cannot manage to keep it white with a dog. And the bf didn’t want to go all white either. We compromised and settled on a white and navy blue striped duvet with lighter colored sheets. You win some, you lose some. 🙂

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