• bully of the week – 1/7/13

    Happy Monday friends!  With this new year I bring to you a special weekly series focused on two loves of my life: my bulldogs Rocco and Trixie.  I expect all bulldog owners will have an automatic understanding as to why this series was born – we just love our bulldogs so much and find them so fascinating, it’s hard not to share them with others, am I right?



    This photo was taken yesterday while I was working on a project.  He was staring at me so intently, curious as to what I was doing and why it didn’t involve him.  This is Rocco’s “can I help?” signature look.

    Mr. Rocco loves to be in my lap while I’m working, it’s as if he wants to work too!  Sadly, he lacks opposable thumbs, so he doesn’t make the best assistant, but he is definitely one cute side-kick!


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