• ikea hack + how to enamel chalk paint

    Behold is a tale of two projects, the first – a simple & sweet Ikea hack, and the second – a strapping new method of top-coating your favorite shade of chalk paint! I wasn’t sure it would be possible, but it is! Chalk paint can be enameled!

    Let’s first peek at our Ikea hack.  I was on the search for a desk on the smaller side, something suitable for a laptop and a few desktop nicknacks.  A couple months ago I spotted a modernist style, metal laptop desk from Ikea’s new Vittsjo line for $39.   I loved it.  I wanted it.  And for $39, which is basically free, I picked it up right away.

    Perhaps my favorite thing about Ikea furniture is you can transform almost any piece however you like, and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do it! Without further adieu, here’s my quick Ikea hack and my secret to enameling your favorite shade of chalk paint!




    The steps I took to repaint the Vittsjo desk were simple – first, I built the desk per the instructions in the box.  Then, I grabbed a can of Florence Chalk Paint and painted the desk with 2 coats.  I let the first coat dry overnight before applying the second.  Once the desk was completely dry, about 24 hours, I sprayed 2-3 coats of Rustoleum’s Crystal Clear Enamel protective finish over the desk.

    So, why not leave the chalk paint as is? Chalk paint is loved for it’s matte, soft, and chalky texture.  We love it for it’s ease of use, it requires zero preparation, and wears naturally over time.  I also love how you’re able to apply a soft wax finish to enhance the chalk paint’s lustre.  I love working with chalk paint, mostly on wood pieces such as chairs, tables, and dressers.  I know I could have chosen any paint for this desk, but I wanted to test the boundaries of chalk paint’s abilities.  I wanted to know if I could give chalk paint enamel qualities, and I was right!

    Annie Sloan’s Florence chalk paint has to be one of my favorite colors.  I heard it was released in limited quantity, so picked a can up right away once it became available.  I was waiting for just the right piece to paint first, and my new Vittsjo desk was the perfect piece to test out this vibrant shade.

    Tell me, do you think you’ll try out this enamel top-coat method on your chalk paint project?

    1. How awesome?! experimenting is fun isn’t it? especially when it works!! We can’t get ASCP here in Australia, but have DIYed it a few times and have only waxed it so far but good to know it was a success for you 🙂

    2. Your desk looks great! I want to chalk paint my kitchen but fear the chalk paint won’t hold up to daily messes, wiping, cleaning etc. Your idea was brilliant! How has it held up? Would you suggest it for a kitchen?

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