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    Hello! Before I dive right in, I just want to say thank you all for taking the time to comment on my crazy posts!  It really makes me feel connected with you, like we’re having a conversation together, versus feeling like I’m the only one talking.  I love hearing what you have to say!

    I’m really excited to share this post with you today.  It marks a moment in my life where I truly feel like a grown-up.   I finally have my very own “home office”!  It’s my desk, it’s my work space, It’s where I throw my blankets and trinkets and pens and scissors and mail and chalk all throughout the day.  My desk isn’t very sophisticated, or refined, or polished, but it’s definitely me.

    There’s never any rhyme or reason to what sits on my desk, besides the necessities like my laptop, my Frenchie stamp, my paint brushes, and of course my chalk.  I love that my chalkboard wall sits behind my desk.  I’m able to doodle when inspiration strikes.  You’d laugh if you saw the various doodles I draw at my day job, they’re usually of DIY project ideas or jewelry designs, and I have to hide them from view so my boss doesn’t catch me dreaming of anything but expense reports and bank reconciliations.

    Like I said, my chalkboard wall serves many purposes.  I’m terrible at utilizing my calendar or day-planner for personal use.  I use my calendar so frequently at work that I’ve grown accustom to turning the left side of my brain off the minute I walk out the door.  A simple chalkboard calendar helps me utilize creativity when I have to plan out my month.

    My desk wouldn’t be complete without this gold clip lamp from Land of Nod. I’ve been obsessing over this lamp for the last 2 months, and I must have talked my fiancee’s ear off over it because he just got it for me for my birthday! What an awesome guy!

    The white chair is the Valentina Chair from CB2.  Believe it or not, I picked it up at the Crate & Barrel outlet about a month ago for $50.  I cannot find it on the website, but it’s listed for ~$200.  Crazy!

    Oh, and a thousand bonus points if you can guess where the desk is from.  More on that later this week 🙂

    I picked up this antique school chair for $8 at my local salvage shop.  It was too cute, and cheap, to leave behind.  I like that he has a home now, next to my desk, where I can stack my books and magazines until I’m through reading them.

    Well, there you have it! My first grown-up office space.  I’m pretty stoked about it, and it’s taken some getting used to since my go-to work space used to be my couch.

    I hope you all have a great day!

    1. i know just where that desk came from because i’ve been coveting it myself, I won’t spoil your surprise by giving away the answer but I will say kudos on the bright paint job!

    2. Love the bright color of the desk especially up against the chalkboard wall. It’s exciting to see this all come together for you!

      1. It’s such a great color, right?! It’s Annie Sloan’s new chalk paint color Florence. It’s supposed to recreate the look of oxidized copper. You should try it out!

    3. Hi brittany! I love your spin on this Ikea desk. That color is gorgeous. Quick question… what are the dimensions of the small shelf in this desk??

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