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    Hello! I was planning to share a few things on my "love list" right now, but decided to stick to just one today since my material was building up out of control. 

    Let's talk watercolor! But first, you must know, I'm no artist.  I took a few studio art classes my freshman year in college, but somehow I found myself taking a sharp turn towards financial accounting and never went back.  Boo.  Although, I loved my painting course, we only dabbled in oil and acrylic paints, never in watercolor.  I've always been fascinated with the technique, which must be why I'm all over the bandwagon.  I don't care that watercolor is riding a fresh hipster wave right now, I find watercolor art to be beautiful and soothing, especially the bright abstract pieces. 

    Here are a a few of my favorites.  If I had a handful of cash, I'd order prints like right.this.minute.


    source 1, 2, 3, 4




    I've seen Jessica Durrant's work all over Pinterest.  I love her fashion icon prints, but this blue world watercolor print is my all time fave! Imagine a 18"x24" print nestled in an oversized gold leaf frame, hanging in my office or in my future apartment. Delish!


    Watercolor map



    Watercolor art to the max! Check out these stunning murals!


    Mural 3source

    Mural 2source


    Mural 1source


    And last but not least, this gorgeous watercolor horse from Maria's Watercolor.  XL print please!




    Thank you for listening to my Wednesday ramblings. I hope to have a finished project to reveal for you later this week.  And perhaps share an update on our wreched apartment hunt. OH! And not to forget, a special shout out the wonderful Beckie of Knock Off Decor for featuring my West Elm pouf hack! Thank you soooo much, and welcome new readers!


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