• Meet Brittany

    Hi there! My name is Brittany, welcome to by blog! I’m a fierce accountant by day, and a zealous DIYer by night. I am a career driven business woman with an artistic mind and creative spirit. I’m working my way up the corporate ladder while balancing an insatiable need to release creativity.  I am a jewelry designer and a DIY advocate.  Like most accountants, I am frugal, and like most DIY advocates, I love to thrift!  My sole mission is to transform any piece from booty to loot, on a budget, and show you how it’s done.

    I spend my days in the big city, my nights in the suburbs, and the weekends lounging in wine country or exploring the treasures of California.  I grew up in the heart of Sonoma Valley, surrounded by vineyards, cows, cheese, beautiful scenery and delicious wines.


    What inspired you to start a blog?

    Crunching numbers and balancing debits and credits is not much of a creative outlet.  I was in search for something larger than life.  One day I was searching for a headboard tutorial and accidentally stumbled across the DIY blogosphere.  Call me crazy, or a very bad web surfer, but I had no idea this was here! I felt like the internet had slapped me in the face saying, “uh, hello, we have everything!” I was immediately hooked.  I was blown away by people’s crafty abilities to share projects, tutorials, tips, tricks and experiences.  This was also when I was first introduced to Pinterest.  Mind blown.  I began reading blog after blog – blogs on home design, blogs on arts and crafts, blogs on travel, blogs on rants and raves, and of course DIY blogs. I am hooked.


    What will you blog about?

    My blog is my creative outlet.  I will share with readers the “how-to’s” and “do’s and don’ts” of specific projects, arts, and crafts.  I will show my readers how easy it is to create something or add personal style and flair to an old piece of furniture or fashion accessory.  I will embark on new projects and trends, share my thoughts and encourage discussions on what my readers think as well.  I will give you my advice if you ask for it, and probably give it to you anyway even if you don’t.  I will share the secrets of jewelry making, and teach you how to hack your favorite overpriced accessory. I will share stories about my travels and experiences in California, and I will certainly drop in images of my awesome and super fun pups!


    How often will you post?

    I work full time, which means my time for projects and creativity is very limited.  Given my schedule at this time, my goal is 2~3 posts a week.  I certainly strive to be a daily blogger, but that will take some time and perfection of my blogging skills.  Please bear with me in the mean time! I also encourage you to click around and visit often!


    I hope you enjoy my posts, projects, and ramblings as much as I do!